Rs 12000/- per room per night for
bookings of 5 rooms

Rs 13000/- per room per night for
bookings of 3 or 4 rooms*

Tariff is inclusive of :

# Specially curated daily Breakfast & Dinner

# Complimentary use of self help 24x7 snacketaria serving variety of teas, coffees, munchies and mini meals

Tariff is exclusive of taxes and levies

Minimum booking requirement is 3 rooms* except on certain long weekends and festival periods during which minimum booking requirement is 5 rooms

* When you book 3 or 4 rooms, the remaining room(s) are not sold. The Villa is strictly provided to one group of friends or family at any one time so that the experience is always exclusive, private and never compromised.




We have all been there, done it, and realized that there is more to life than deadlines and the next quarter's profits. On a lazy afternoon in the hills, it suddenly hit us collectively that in the final analysis, we all live only once, and that life is finally about what we have experienced, and not about what we own.

That's why we called our company Because You Live Only Once.

This is not a business, this is a dream. OK, it is a business idea driven by a dream. We have an inspired team as we begin this journey across hills and mountains, across brooks and springs and water falls, with crisp mountain air for company.

The idea is simple.

Create amazing experiences with the finest home stays, that money can buy. The most scenic locations where you can get-away with family and friends for a truly private, truly exclusive vacation, quite simply because the entire cottage will be yours.


Think of it as a control Z for life. Think of it as a rewind button.

This, as you would have figured out is, not about the mechanized way hotels operate, this is not about set-menus, this is about truly personalized, curated experiences, where the chef cooks only for you, where the sun rises, and the rain falls, and snow-flakes descend only for you.

Get used to the pitter patter of rain, the howling of the wind and the whisper of swaying trees. Or to a knock on the door by a bored leopard. And if you own a classy cottage, share the joy and we will be happy to share revenues with you and make your second home the vacation home for the most discerning travellers.